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Meme, blames [livejournal.com profile] magenta_dawned

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012 07:04 pm

  1. Is there a school subject you flat-out suck at?
    I'm trying to remember what I really sucked at other than team sports, oh yes, English Language.

  2. Did you have a babysitter when you were younger?
    If you consider being left with your grandparents for 6+ years when you were growing up. then yep.

  3. How many surveys can someone take a day and still have a life?

  4. You drop a book on your toe. What do you say?

  5. Does your house need a renovation?

  6. Is there a show (recently) you were obsessed with, but now you can't stand?
    What's TV?

  7. Could you handle dating someone in the military?
    I was in the military…

  8. Could you have sex with someone with a smaller body than you?
    I do.

  9. Whose your favourite Hollywood couple?
    I don't follow the Cult of Celebrity.

  10. How often do you change your myspace/facebook/twitter status?
    When I feel like it.

  11. Mary Kay or Avon?
    Neither, Clinique on those rare occasions when I do wear make up.

  12. Are you good at "that's what she said" jokes?

  13. Guys with long hair: yay or nay?
    If it suits them, sure.

  14. Have you decided the career you want to pursue? Or is it between a few?
    FOCLOL, I was a systems and network administrator then health got in the way.

  15. What are you listening to right now?
    Psychophile — Invocation (off Transition)

  16. Do you think you bleed a lot when it's that time of the month?
    I beg your pardon.

  17. If you got colored contacts, what color would you get?
    Mine are purple irises clear otherwise.

  18. Is there a recent trend that you absolutely despise?
    Hoodies, trakkie bottoms and trainers.

  19. If you had to date a pro-athlete, who would it be?
    Not a clue.

  20. Do you like to take sex surveys?
    I do them occasionally when I'm bored, and a fibro flare means I'm sometimes too bored to do anything else when I'm awake.