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Monday, January 9th, 2012 08:58 am
Dear Tabbi Kat,

I know I was a little slow in doing your breakfast this morning, but I did have to do the litter tray first. It was not a quick job as most of the litter was scattered across the kitchen floor.

When I did get to doing your breakfast trying to sneak up and start eating it as I was emptying the gooshy fud into your bowl doesn't make things quicker as you only shove your head in the way. It's also not a good plan to flail and knock a cake tin off the top of the stove when I pick you up to put you on the floor. That caused both Jenny Cat and you to run out of the kitchen as if all the hounds of hell were after you. On the plus side it did mean that I got you breakfasts made without further interruption. The down side is, is that I have a parallel row of scratches across my back, I assume from you claws as you used me as your launchpad.

Your, striated,


Dear TK and JC,

I'm not sure who was digging to Australia last night, but leaving more litter on the kitchen floor than in the litter tray is not funny. I have my suspicions, JC, as to who it was.

Your, pebble dashed,


Dear JC,

You've just had your breakfast, so there was no need to come and steal porage out of my bowl whilst I was still eating.

Your, hungry,



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